Jailer First Day First Impression: Despite The Flaws, Rajinikanth and Nelson Are Back and How!

Harshini S V

We Get To See a Lot Of Action Unfold in Jailer Through Close-Up Shots

Whether Rajinikanth’s Muthuvel Pandian is delivering a punch dialogue or the villain is going about his crazy plans, the mass factor in this Nelson directorial lies in their expressions and how it slightly changes.

With The Comedy Team Of The Director

Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh, Redin Kingsley and others — there is no dearth of jokes. But the film isn’t limited to the dark comedy rides of Nelson. To be precise, Jailer is Nelson's most serious outing as a writer and a violent one as a filmmaker.

Take The 'Rathamaarey' Song Placement

It's pure joy to see how sleekly Nelson introduces the songs at the most perfect timing. When Arjun digs into a very serious issue, Rajinikanth gets concerned and asks him to stop investigating the case.

Nelson’s Films Are Always Loaded With Unique Characters

It is no different in Jailer. Yogi Babu getting accidentally caught in yet another crime plan is something you’ve started to expect from his films and it never fails to pay off. 

There Is a Huge Payoff in The Climax

The film does justice to the pan-Indian tag in many ways and it is also this energy-filled climactic sequence and inexplicably heavyhearted moments post the climax that somehow makes this action-focussed journey feel personal.