Jailer Cinematographer Vijay Kartik on Weird Angles, Silhouettes and Visual Comedy in The Rajinikanth-starrer

Harshini S V

What Do You Think Are The Trademarks Of Nelson’s Visual Style?

Nelson’s world is symmetrical. It is a real-world with unreal characters and weird situations. That’s his trademark. For instance, Dhanraj, who plays the villain’s best friend in Jailer, was Nelson’s gym trainer around 10 years ago.

Jailer is Warm And Has Hues of Golden-Yellow. Why is That? 

Jailer has mostly night scenes and we thought we could make use of the street lights. That’s why it has a yellow colour scheme. Besides, I like the sodium lamps because it gives you a dark, scary vibe. 

How Do You Make Violent Sequences Less Gruesome?

It’s hard to make it less gruesome. Yet the intensity of the scene should match with what the audiences want. Nelson integrates a bit of dark comedy that doesn’t create a laugh-out-loud moment but lightens the atmosphere.

How Did You Visually Plan For The Interval Scene?

We’d discussed ideas for the dramatic portions much before. The interval scene is where we usually have rain to enhance the effect. But we didn’t want to do a regular one. So, we picked the “just before the storm” theme. 

When Did The Idea For The Montage After The News of Arjun’s Death Come? 

It was always there in the script. We knew these sequences would play out in a musical montage. We see the silhouette of Muthuvel’s daughter-in-law and grandson sitting worriedly in the corner of the house, as his shadow appears in the foreground.