Is Jawan Director Atlee Tamil Cinema’s Best Flashback Writer, Today?

Sruthi Ganapathy Raman

Flashbacks As Good As Standalone Films 

In films like Anniyan (2005), the writing in the flashback is so good that it not only explains the trauma that changes its hero, but it also creates a larger, intangible villain that is beyond any one person or group: the villain here is a corrupt mindset. 

The Raja Of Details 

Nothing is random in an Atlee flashback. Mersal begins with the rousing ‘Aalaporan Thamizhan’, which introduces Vetrimaaran and registers his place in his community. But the song is more than an intro.

Rich Worlds, Richer Characters

Atlee seems to have a bias towards his flashbacks, and it’s evident in the effort that goes behind its writing. In Theri, Vijaykumar and Mithra’s relationship isn’t just developed over an attraction. 

Dialogues, Deaths and Defining Moments

Atlee picks the final moments of a character, which is also the last few minutes of the flashback, to build an entirely new life for the protagonists. The final wish is crucial in an Atlee film.

A Jawan With A Powerful Past?

 Shah Rukh Khan carries various looks in the film, but the main ones seem to be of army officer Vikram Rathore and a ravenous bald SRK who scares off passengers in the metro.