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Team FC

Sudani From Nigeria (2018)

This heartwarming film explores the unlikely bond between a football team manager and a Nigerian player, capturing the essence of humanity and cross-cultural connections with its endearing performances and engaging storytelling.

Angamaly Diaries (2017)

Set in the vibrant town of Angamaly, this gritty and energetic film follows the life of Vincent Pepe and his gang as they navigate the world of crime, showcasing a unique narrative style, dynamic characters, and a pulsating soundtrack.

Iratta (2023)

A suspenseful thriller that explores the bond between two brothers and the impact of childhood trauma on their lives. The film is praised for its engaging narrative and compelling performances.

RDX Robert Dony Xavier (2023)

An action-packed film featuring three martial artists who confront their past. The film stands out for its high-stakes stunts, dynamic fight sequences, and the performances of its lead actors.

Thrishanku (2023)

A situational comedy with a novel premise and an array of eccentric performances. Despite losing some steam towards the end, the film is appreciated for its humorous scenes.

Nayattu (2021)

This gripping drama follows three police officers who find themselves entangled in a web of political pressure and corruption after an unfortunate incident, delivering a hard-hitting narrative that examines the complexities of power and justice.

Jana Gana Mana (2022)

A high-impact political thriller that discusses the politics of fake encounters and manipulative emotions. The film is praised for its engaging screenplay and the performances of its lead actors.