Iraivan Review: A Basic Serial Killer Thriller That Doesn't Do Much to Be Emotionally Intriguing

Akilan Nagarajan

Starts With A Quote

“Man is the most dangerous animal of all” is the quote that director I Ahmed begins Iraivan with. It’s the thesis on which he has built this film.

Is Is Becoming A Trend

It’s basic but surely befitting to the subject of serial killers, now also a genre that has audiences worldwide watching in arrested enthusiasm.

The Idea Is Being Forced

The problem is when a film begins to feel like it was envisioned to play into this “trend” rather than present a not-so-basic perspective on this subject.

An Outlier Of Society

This is a film about men who aren’t afraid to play God, in the name of both killing and saving. Bramma (an over-the-top Rahul Bose) is a psychopath who equates killing mosquitoes to killing humans.

The One Big Idea

This is a classic case of a filmmaker not trying anything new beyond the One Big Idea that seems to have inspired him to put this film together.