Inspector Rishi Series Review

Team FC


The romantic partner of a cop is hardly a thing of mystery in Tamil films. She almost always dies, martyred just to be associated with a cop for a husband. Inspector Rishi flirts with the idea, but in the most beguiling way possible.

Conservation Drama

Tucked into the corners of this murder mystery is a much more fascinating conservation drama that begs for our attention. The show spends enormous amounts of time on each of its eccentric residents — a pleasant surprise in the genre.

Basic Modus Operandi

It takes Rishi and the team seven episodes to even draw parallels between murders and another two to chart a basic modus operandi, something that we figured out much earlier.

Detailed Character Stories

Inspector Rishi increasingly becomes protracted with every character exposition. We’re introduced to characters we desperately want to know about, who eventually disappear without a trace.

Horror Series

The horror that hits us like a sledgehammer in the first few episodes — look out for the superbly designed scene with a pregnant woman walking back home in the dead of the night — too tapers out as the show moves on.

Thoroughly Hooked

The show marches on to actual real-life horrors such as homophobia, animal abuse, and tribal relocation. Even if the transition might not be smooth, Inspector Rishi keeps us thoroughly hooked, as frayed as the wire can often be.