Indie Movies That Are A Must Watch For Every Film Buff

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Love Sonia (2018) - Disney+ Hotstar

Directed by Tabrez Noorani, this film is about a girl named Sonia who is on a journey to rescue her sister, who was sold by their father. The thriller follows Sonia as her life takes unexpected turns while navigating the murky world of flesh trade. 

The Last Lear (2007) - YouTube 

A film by the acclaimed Rituparno Ghosh, The Last Lear is based on Utpal Dutt’s play “Aajker Shahjahan”. It is about a retired Shakespearean actor who is tested through artistic and personal conflicts in an ever evolving world. 

Ship of Theseus (2013) - MUBI

This film is an interwoven story of a photographer, monk and a stockbroker. Directed by Anand Gandhi, this story poses ethical, moral and philosophical questions about the two way street of life and death. 

Padatik (1973) - YouTube

This political drama is directed by Mrinal Sen and is considered the third part of his Calcutta Trilogy after “Interview” and “Calcutta 71”. Padatik explores the story of a political activist and a rebellious young woman, during turbulent times of the 70s in India. 

Anantaram (1987) - YouTube

Directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, this is a unique non-linear film that is structured as a monologue by the protagonist, Ajayan. The film recounts incidents and details from his life that are mercurial, eventually addressing his psychosis. 

Daas Dev (2018) - ZEE5

This film by Sudhir Mishra is a modern spin to the classic story of Devdas, Parvati and Chandramukhi. It is a political, romance thriller that interestingly positions the stereotyped characters in a new world. 

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