Inception Ending, Explained (In Detail)

Team FC

Christopher Nolan’s 2010 Sci-Fi Drama Inception 

The Film is set in a world in which advanced technology enables users to share their dreams. Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief, with the ability to extract his targets’ secrets by infiltrating their subconscious.

Leaving Us With A Nagging Unanswered Question

At home, Cobb takes out his totem – a spinning top that lets him know whether he’s dreaming or awake. If he’s dreaming, the top will spin infinitely. If this is reality, the top will eventually stop.

Nolan Has Successfully Performed Inception On The Audience

He gives the top a spin and then moves away to reunite with his children in the backyard. The camera, however, stays fixed on the spinning totem on the table inside.

Planting A Seed Of Doubt Into Our Minds

It wobbles briefly, then the frame cuts to black. Is Cobb dreaming? Is he awake? Does it even matter? Cobb’s no longer frazzled, incessantly checking his totem, worrying about losing his grip on reality. 

Leaving Us To Forever Puzzle It Over

He’s finally exactly where he wants to be. His gaze is solely on his children. He finally sees what matters. Whether or not the top spins on is irrelevant.