I’m Open to Exploring Different Genres If They Are Commercially Viable: Naveen Polishetty

Ram Srikar

How Do Your Parents Look at The Fame You’ve Achieved?

My Parents are very happy. In the early days of my career, they used to be very disappointed with what I was trying to do. After completing my education, I immediately followed my passion and went straight to Mumbai to give auditions.

Tell Us About The First Time You Met Anushka Shetty?

I met her for the first time on set when she was shooting her first shot. As she was returning to face the camera after a long gap, I wanted to be there, even if I didn’t have to shoot that day. I went to the set, surprised her and wished her. 

Are you running the risk of being Stereotyped as a Comedy Actor?

I played the role of an intelligent detective in Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, which required me to hold a very strong emotion, apart from just humour. 

You won’t see that in Jathi Ratnalu

My character in Jathi Ratnalu has very low IQ levels and my job in that film was to entertain throughout. Both these films entertain with comedy, but the difference is in how they express emotions. 

Humour Makes a Difficult Topic Digestible

I believe that if we convey a point with a touch of humour, it reaches and engages a wider audience. Take Rajkumar Hirani sir’s films. Every film of his is a super hit. I’d love to do different subjects while not avoiding humour at any point.