How Twilight Went From Guilty Pleasure to Cool Trash

Sharanya Kumar

Was Twilight a Good Film?

“Back in the day, it was a rite of passage to hate on Twilight,” said Zed in one of his videos. “Every joke has been run into the ground, every negative thing has been said.

Rewatching The Twilight Films in 2023

It is making many people appreciate aspects they hadn’t really noticed before, particularly the cinematography and soundtrack. O’Donoghue pointed out how Twilight was visually distinct from other teen movies.

Haters to Lovers

Perhaps the best part of the resurgence is the collective epiphany that the Twilight films are really quite funny in retrospect. “There's something so fantastic about that first movie because it's weirdly camp?” said O’Donoghue.

TLDR: Twilight is Cool Again

Besides the jokes and memes, the Twilight resurgence has given older fans the opportunity to re-experience and earnestly re-contextualise a work from their youth, while introducing the vampire saga to a whole new generation.

Twilight is a Source of Comfort

A reminder of a simpler time. Whether or not you enjoy the series, it cannot be denied that Twilight has had an indelible cultural impact, one that is still felt to this day.