How Por Thozhil Rewrote The Swaggering Tamil Movie Cop in 5 Scenes

Sruthi Ganapathy Raman

The cop’s intro scene

There is nothing particularly police-like in DSP trainee Prakash’s demeanour and filmmaker Vignesh Raja establishes this irony more than once in the film. But the first person to notice this about Prakash is the audience.

Making an impression

Sarathkumar’s SP Loganathan is everything that Prakash isn’t. He’s haughty, tough and has no patience for weakness. One flexes his muscles, while the other his brain. So, when the SP is assigned to take Prakash under his wings

The smart ordinariness of this non-alpha male

The alpha in Prakash and Loganathan’s mentorship is asserted pretty early on in the film. But the sequence that cements this equation is the one where the duo recreates the crime scene. 

Baring scars and anxieties

Prakash finds his bearings in a quiet moment in the car with Loganathan. “Is it very evident that I’m scared?” he asks in this rare moment of introspection for a cop film.

Dining With The Devil

Moments after baring his angst, Prakash is forced to face his fears at the supermarket. The entire scene is staged with suspense and tension, its visual treatment right out of a horror piece.