How Is That For A Monday Review: A Pleasing Drama About Kindness And Virtue Masquerading As A Thriller

Ram Venkat Srikar

Simple, Unadorned and Unpretentious Crafting

I’m sure all of us must have had a telephone conversation with a customer support executive at one point or the other. HITFAM is a very clean, simple film, both writing-wise and visually.

It’s Unlike Anything I Have Seen So Far

It’s such a simple and often overlooked facet of everyday life that it’s surprising to see it being addressed in a film. And HITFAM is not just about these little things, it also addresses major themes like race, identity, and empowerment.

Emphasis On Trivial And Mundane Aspects 

In one of the best bits from the film, Shyam has a brief interaction with a drive-in restaurant employee who repeatedly refuses to serve food for someone when they directly walk to the counter because it’s a “drive-in only” restaurant. 

Water-tight Writing Towers Above Everything

With a tight runtime of 88 minutes, not even a single minute feels unwanted with every single scene and character either taking the narrative forward or contributing to its underlying theme.