Highest Viewed Web Series In India

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Farzi - 37.1 Million

A high-stakes cybercrime thriller, a brilliant Artist navigates a web of deception and digital intrigue, creating fake notes and Selling it to the underworld as law enforcement races against time to catch the elusive mastermind.

Rudra: The Edge of Darkness - 35.2 Million

It follows a gritty cop, played by Ajay Devgn, as he confronts the dark underbelly of crime in a city plagued by corruption and violence. Unraveling complex mysteries, Rudra battles his own demons while striving for justice.

Mirzapur S2 - 32.5 Million

In the intense second season of "Mirzapur," power dynamics shift as loyalty is tested and new alliances form in the crime-ridden world of Mirzapur. With a volatile mix of ambition and revenge, the fight for control over the criminal empire escalates.

Panchayat S2 - 29.6 Million

The show returns with a new season, exploring the humorous trials and tribulations of an urban engineer navigating rural life. As he continues to adapt to the quirks of the Panchayat system, unexpected challenges and heartfelt moments shape his journey.

Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors - 29.1 Million

Delving into the complexities of the legal system, It unfolds a gripping courtroom drama as lawyer Aditya defends his client accused of a heinous crime. Secrets emerge, testing the limits of justice and morality.

The Night Manager - 27.2 Million

Based on John Le Carre's book of the same name, the thriller series starring Aditya Roy Kapur, Tillotama Shome and Shobhita Dhulipala follows the night manager of a hotel infiltrating an arms dealers' operations.

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