Highest-Grossing Stand-Alone Films

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6. 2012 (2009) - Gross: $166.11M

Roland Emmerich's disaster epic "2012" weathered the global destruction genre, grossing $166.11 million as it showcased spectacular special effects and intense survival scenarios amidst cataclysmic events.

5. Inception (2010) - Gross: $292.58M

Christopher Nolan's mind-bending thriller "Inception" delved into the realm of dreams and reality, grossing $292.58 million and leaving audiences mesmerized with its intricate plot, innovative visuals, and compelling performances.

4. The Secret Life of Pets (2016) - Gross: $368.38M

Illumination Entertainment's animated comedy "The Secret Life of Pets" fetched a box office gross of $368.38 million, offering a hilarious glimpse into the hidden lives of pets when their owners are away.

3. The Jungle Book (2016) - Gross: $364.00M

Jon Favreau's live-action adaptation of "The Jungle Book" swung into the top ranks with a gross of $364.00 million, enchanting audiences with its visually stunning effects and reimagining of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale.

2. Zootopia (2016) - Gross: $341.27M

Disney's animated hit "Zootopia" hopped to success, grossing $341.27 million and captivating audiences with its clever storytelling and vibrant animation, addressing themes of inclusivity and diversity.

1. Titanic (1997) - Gross: $659.33M

James Cameron's epic romance "Titanic" sailed into cinematic history, becoming the highest-grossing stand-alone film with a staggering $659.33 million in box office revenue, as it swept audiences away with its tragic love story.

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