Highest Grossing Indian Films In Japan

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1. Muthu (1995) - Prime Video

Rajinikanth's iconic film "Muthu" became a cultural phenomenon in Japan, grossing approximately ₹23 Crores and establishing the superstar's popularity beyond borders.

2. RRR (2022) - Netflix

A magnum opus by S. S. Rajamouli, "RRR" made a significant impact in Japan, earning over ₹10 Crores at the box office, captivating audiences with its high-octane action and epic storytelling.

3. Bahubali: The Conclusion (2017) - Disney+ Hotstar

The epic saga "Bahubali" made waves in Japan, earning a staggering ₹10 Crores, enchanting audiences with its grand scale, captivating storyline, and visual spectacle.

4. 3 Idiots (2009) - Prime Video

The timeless Bollywood hit "3 Idiots" charmed Japanese audiences, earning around ₹9.97 Crores, as it delivered a heartwarming message on education, friendship, and pursuing one's passion.

5. Dangal (2016) - Apple Tv+

Aamir Khan's sports drama "Dangal" resonated strongly in Japan, grossing over 3 Crores, and winning hearts with its empowering narrative about female wrestling champions.

6. KGF (2018) - Disney+ Hostar

The action-packed "KGF" found success in Japan, raking in over ₹1.20 Crores at the box office, showcasing the rise of the protagonist in the gritty gold mines of Karnataka.

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