Hi Nanna Review: Heartfelt Treatment Overpowers Predictable Narrative

Ram Venkat Srikar

A Simple Choice in The Film's Climax Stood Out

It cemented the fact that debutant Shoryuv cares about the characters he has created. It isn't a film that relies on groundbreaking concepts or techniques to set itself apart.

First Half

There's a big interval twist that turns the tables around for the story in the second half but the way the screenplay flows from one point to the other is largely predictable. But what works is the heartfelt treatment.

Hi Nanna's Weaker Links

The backstory chronicling the blossoming of love between Viraj and Varsha These portions reek of predictability and exude a heavy been-there-seen-that feeling because there aren't many directions this story could go in any way, considering we have already been exposed to the endpoint.

A Heavy Second Half

The way Viraj's rendezvous with Yashna is also recontextualised, with the word 'Hi' in the title finding its actual meaning, is simply beautiful. Things get incredibly heavy during the intermission and this weight lingers throughout the second half

Watch Out For Angad Bedi's Character

He begins as a one-dimensional 'other guy', and how his character is utilised at the end is highly rewarding. The final 30-minute stretch of the film is one rollercoaster ride, but in its own style, it still manages to be soft and how!

Like a Greeting Card

It's intended to mean well and make you feel warm. But the film goes beyond the surface-level contentments of cold greeting cards, meaning its degree of warmth and emotion might vary but it surely makes you care for its characters.