HanuMan Movie Review

Ram Venkat Srikar

Nostalgic Heroic Homage

"HanuMan" pays tribute to Tollywood heroes like Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun, integrating iconic scenes to tackle the challenge of introducing superheroes in an industry where mass heroes are revered as demigod-like figures.

Unique Blend of Telugu Masala and Superhero Elements

Successfully fusing Telugu masala with superhero flair, "HanuMan" shines in a lively song-and-action sequence. However, the debate arises over the sequence's placement in the screenplay.

Devotional Angle and Classic Power Struggle

"HanuMan" seamlessly intertwines the divine touch into the storyline, creating a classic battle between deserving and power-seeking forces. The film skillfully connects Hanuman's legend with the fictional world of Anjanadri.

Imaginative Visuals Amid Derivative Elements

While "HanuMan" impresses with creative imagery, it faces criticism for derivative superhero elements and recency bias, drawing comparisons to other films. Despite these aspects, the film maintains a light and humorous tone.

Striking Imagery and SS Rajamouli Effect

The film stands out for visually impactful shots, showcasing creativity in portraying mythology and supernatural abilities. Maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere, "HanuMan" incorporates self-aware humor and memorable imagery.

Constant Surprises Amid Technical Shortcomings

"HanuMan" overcomes technical limitations with constant surprises, strong imagination, and impactful moments. Despite VFX challenges, the film's commitment to creating memorable images contributes to its overall appeal.

Inspiring Start Despite Resource Challenges

Marking an inspiring start despite resource constraints, "HanuMan" showcases potential and emerges as a surprising entry during the Sankranti season.