Hadinelentu Movie Review

Swaroop Kodur

Beyond Social Dramas

Prithvi Konanur, known for serious social dramas, defies categorization. "Hadinelentu" explores a sex tape's impact on college students, transcending genres, blending a campus drama with mystery-thriller elements.

Understated Influence

Konanur draws from Iranian cinema and Neo-realism, crafting engaging narratives without seeking praise or diluting delicate themes. His films, balancing form and content, navigate tough conversations, evident in "Hadinelentu."

Social Disparities and Identity

The film introduces social disparities when a sex tape involving Brahmin boy Hari and SC girl Deepa surfaces. As the narrative unfolds, it delves into caste and gender-based discrimination, navigating the complexities of their identities.

Shift to Intense Human Drama

"Hadinelentu" evolves into a suspense-laden human drama, focusing on characters and their layered personalities. Bold suspense elements coexist with moments of composure, highlighting the film's intricate storytelling.

Respectful Character Portrayal

Respecting each character, the film unveils well-defined personalities. Even supporting roles like the college sports coach and vice-principal contribute significantly, played adeptly by a talented cast.

Craftsmanship and Everyday Reality

Arjun Raja's cinematography and Shivkumar Swamy's editing stand out, contributing to the film's gripping narrative. Konanur's directorial style, subtly noticed, adds simplicity, making "Hadinelentu" a compelling statement on everyday reality.