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Guneet Monga on Choosing Content

I think it’s instinct. Years of grooming and instinct. It is so difficult to explain that but I love different genres and as a producer, I can afford to do that. I’d love to do Horror, I've always wanted to do Sci-fi even in movies.

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Responsibility as a Tastemaker

It’s not just the big things that you greenlight. What I take pride in and put a lot of effort into and I’m very conscious of is how the representation is in the stories we are telling. The smaller things, what gender stereotypes we are playing to or not playing to, what conditioning are we breaking.

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The Oscar Evolved Our Conversation

We do a lot of impact storytelling that’s who we are and we love telling those stories. We kind of recognized that within us. We love working with first-second time directors. My next is actually a procedural sci-fi.

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Nimisha On Working With ZEE5

I am forever grateful for the faith that ZEE and Puneet have in me to oversee ZEE’s programming. We have decided to focus on one movie or show at a time, emphasizing stories from unexplored worlds.

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Guneet and Nimisha's Collaboration

We’ve made a series called "Gyaarah Gyaarah". It’s very fascinating and very interesting. Its sci-fi. You know we haven’t done anything sci-fi in mainstream except Krrish. But let’s talk about shows. This is a very grounded sci-fi. - Guneet Monga

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I’m Very Excited For The World To See

We at ZEE5 are very excited about Gyaarah Gyaarah. This is a show which is so special that if I start talking about it I can’t shut up. People who are passionate and good at their craft have come together and I can’t wait for our audience to watch it.

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