Guneet And Nimisha In The Making - Collaboration And Mission

Team FC

Was This Road Map Always Clear to You?

From FTII to being the youngest National Award Winner. I am a compass kind of person. A map is for things where roads have already been laid.

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Nimisha on Not Being a Director

It was the power of television to get into people’s homes that drew me towards production and shows. I feel that it is important for people who have the knowledge of filmmaking and the experience of on-ground and floor to be in the board rooms. 

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Women in Positions of Power

It was a lightning speed greenlight which is very rare in our industry. That is effective board room usage. When we have people from filmmaking backgrounds in the room of decision-making, those decisions can be faster. - Guneet Monga

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Relatable And Grounded Content

I think local is global and that’s been the story of my life. The world wants to know the Indian story, the Indian experience. I think my mission in life is to do a mainstream brown story for the whole world to see and this is my mainstream.

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We Don’t Want to Play to One Genre

There is fun in mixing genres. We take the opportunity to make a difference, to try and make a difference, to try and raise the bar, but like one piece of content at a time. When we look back it is a happy story for us.

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Manifestation with Gyaarah Gyaarah

For Gyaarah Gyaarah to win an Emmy.  To be the best show for the whole world to watch and celebrate and we do season after season after season. For it to be one of the most successful shows India has ever seen or produced and to put Indian stories and filmmakers on the map. 

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