Great Movies with Terrible Ending

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Remember Me (2010) - Prime Video

The movie strayed in the wrong direction in the final moments. Caroline's teacher writes out Tuesday, September 11, 2001 on the blackboard, and Tyler was seen sitting in his father's office in the World Trade Center. Using a national tragedy as a plot twist didn't sit well with many.

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Jai Ho (2014) - Disney+ Hotstar

Despite its action-packed narrative and social justice theme, "Jai Ho" disappoints with a contrived ending that feels forced and fails to deliver a satisfying resolution to the intricate plot When Suniel Shetty Enters with a Tank.

The Beach (2000) - Prime Video

Despite its captivating exploration of paradise and utopia, "The Beach" falters in its final act with a dark and abrupt twist that some viewers found tonally inconsistent. The unsettling conclusion undermines the film's initial sense of adventure and escapism.

Shandaar (2015) - Netflix

This Bollywood romantic comedy loses its charm with a bizarre and confusing conclusion that seems disconnected from the lighthearted tone set earlier in the film. The unsatisfactory ending leaves viewers scratching their heads, wondering about the coherence of the storyline.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) - JioCinema

Terry Gilliam's psychedelic journey concludes with a disorienting and anticlimactic ending. The film's lack of a clear resolution may frustrate viewers expecting a more structured and comprehensible conclusion.

Ghanchakkar (2013) - AppleTV

The film's attempt at a quirky twist feels forced and fails to provide the closure audiences expect from a genre that typically thrives on satisfying resolutions.

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