Great Movies That Are Under 80 Minutes

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Following (1998) - 70 minutes

A budding London writer starts observing people for inspiration in his novels. What begins as a harmless pastime gradually spirals into an all-consuming obsession, pushing him beyond his initial boundaries.

Shiva Baby (2020) - 78 minutes

During a Jewish funeral service alongside her parents, a college student finds herself in an uncomfortable situation when she runs into both her sugar daddy and her ex-girlfriend.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) - 76 minutes

Jack Skellington, a denizen of Halloween Town, stumbles upon Christmas Town and is immediately captivated. Things take a thrilling turn as his fascination with Christmas drives him to kidnap Santa Claus.

Rope (1948) - 80 minutes

Brandon and Phillip, two longtime friends inspired by Nietzschean philosophy, murder their third friend and hide his body in the room which is to be used to host their dead friend's family for dinner.

Before Sunset (2014) - 80 minutes

Celine and Jesse, who first encountered each other nine years ago in Vienna, reunite for a fleeting day in Paris. As they spend time together, they ponder the possibilities of what could have transpired had they followed their hearts all those years ago.

The Invisible Man (1933) - 71 minutes

A young chemist discovers a dangerous drug that makes one invisible. He commits a murder after consuming the drug. Mortified, he looks for an antidote that would turn him back to his normal state.

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