Great Movies No One Has Heard of

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In Time (2011) - YouTube

In a world where aging halts at 25, longevity hinges on purchasing time. The wealthy attain immortality while the less fortunate scramble to acquire hours through desperate means. Caught in a web of accusations, Will finds himself fleeing with a hostage in tow.

Total Recall (2012) - Netflix

Douglas grows increasingly irritated by his recurring dreams casting him as a covert operative. Seeking a remedy, he turns to Rekall for a fabricated memory implant, only to find himself plunged into chaos when the procedure takes an unexpected turn.

Mortal Engines (2018) - Netflix

In a world ravaged by apocalypse, where metropolises roam and devour one another for sustenance, fate draws two strangers into a desperate alliance to thwart a malevolent and sinister plot.

Dredd (2012) - N/A

In a bleak future, the unflinching lawman Dredd, paired with rookie Cassandra, delves into the investigation of three homicides in a tower. Their inquiry leads them into the heart of a narcotics hub controlled by the ruthless drug kingpin, Ma-Ma.

Silence (2016) - N/A

Rodrigues and Garupe, a pair of Catholic missionaries, journey to Japan in pursuit of their disappeared mentor, Ferreira, rumored to have defied authorities by spreading Catholicism clandestinely.

Tron: Legacy (2010) - Disney+ Hotstar

Sam longs for his father, a virtual world designer. Yet, when he steps into one of his father's creations, he finds a world twisted far beyond his father's intentions. Both are then thrust into an odyssey where the stakes are nothing short of life and death.

Fresh (2022) - Disney+ Hotstar

The horrors of modern dating are seen through the eyes of a young woman who is battling to survive her new boyfriend's dangerously unusual appetites.

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