Great Films About Finding Your Place

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Lady Bird (2017) - Prime Video

The film beautifully captures the complexities of familial relationships and the search for identity, illustrating Lady Bird's quest to find her place both within her family and in the wider world.

Trainspotting (1996) - Prime Video

The film explores themes of self-destruction and redemption as the characters seek to find their place in a world marked by societal challenges and personal struggles. The journey is raw, intense, and ultimately transformative for the characters involved.

M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016) - Disney+ Hotstar

It delves into his journey from a small-town boy to the captain of the Indian cricket team, showcasing how he navigates challenges, makes tough decisions, and ultimately finds his place as a leader in the world of cricket.

Dallas Buyers Club (2013) - Prime Video

Ron's journey to find his place in the world begins with the shock of his diagnosis with AIDS. Faced with a limited life expectancy and conventional treatments that offer little hope, Ron refuses to accept his fate passively. 

Highway (2012) - Disney+ Hotstar

Veera, is kidnapped and she finds an unexpected sense of freedom and self-discovery during her forced road trip. As she traverses different landscapes, Veera grapples with societal expectations and ultimately finds her own place in the world, embracing a newfound independence.

Billy Elliott (2000) - N/A

A young boy from a mining town discovers his passion for ballet in a community where traditional masculinity is prized. The film beautifully depicts Billy's struggle against societal norms, showcasing how the pursuit of one's dreams can lead to self-discovery and acceptance.

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