Giving Credit Titles The Due They Deserve

Tatsam Mukherjee

Jishnu Chatterjee Designed The Title Sequence for Scam 1992 

He said they focused on green because it’s the colour of “gain” at the stock exchange. The title design also found ways to incorporate the hand-movements of jobbers on the trading floor.

The Closing Credits of Raj & DK’s Guns & Gulaabs

The Closing Credits are by visual designer Aarushi Jain, who found innovative ways to use Nineties’ memorabilia to list the names of the cast and crew. 

Distracting The Viewer From The “Skip” Button

To Distract the Viewer one has to utilize a range of artistic approaches. Chatterjee opted for animation for Scam while Jain went for live-action shots, showing objects that took the viewer on a nostalgia trip to the Nineties.

The Opening Credits of The Hunt For Veerappan

It uses a mix of archival footage – soldiers venturing into the dark, foggy forest and trippy animation along with the rousing “Poda”, composed by Selva and Jhanu.

The OTT Effect

In films, think of the opening credits of Zoya Akhtar’s Luck By Chance (2009) or Shimit Amin’s Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year (2009) – they’re terrific short films by themselves it’s the advent of streaming that brought in a rich design element to these sequences.