Girls Will Be Girls Review

Team FC

Mira’s Journey

Mira, a 16-year-old head prefect at a Himalayan boarding school, grapples with the early stages of patriarchy. She experiences first love with classmate Srinivas, but is torn between her social conditioning and romantic awakening.

Mira’s Dilemma

After a secret encounter with Srinivas, Mira feels uneasy about his experience. She convinces herself that she is the problem, not him, reflecting her internal struggle with societal norms.

Anila’s Return

Anila, a young mother, returns to her hometown for her daughter’s board exams. She enjoys being around her daughter and lives vicariously through her, encouraging her daughter’s relationship with Srinivas.

Anila’s Desire

Anila’s desire is destigmatized in the film. She enjoys Srinivas’s company and even allows him to sleep in her bedroom to keep him apart from her daughter. Her actions stem from a desire to feel like a woman, not just a mother or wife.

A Rebellion and a Confession

The film is a story of discovery and reckoning, highlighting the struggle of women in Indian society. The emotional budget for women is lower, forcing the mother and daughter to share the same story and hope.

Girls Will Be Girls

The film’s title, “Girls Will Be Girls”, implies that no matter how hard society is challenged, girls are resigned to their fate of being girls. It’s a poignant study of feminism as more of a consequence than an act.