Ghost Review: This Shiva Rajkumar Movie Just Isn't Spirited Enough

Subha J Rao

How Much Is Too Much Mass?

The fights are too many, the massy moments pile on without respite, the twists are innumerable to keep track of, and more importantly, there’s not enough heft in the reason for the conflict in the first place.

Hooting for One-Liners

The film is ripe with some one-liners that work — and are an indication for fanboys to hoot: “I’ve scared more people with my kann (eyes) than my gun” and “They call me OG” are examples. 

The First Misstep Of Ghost

To Reduce The Kannada Star whose eyes and body language usually spew fire, to a role where the rest of the world is singing his praises and speaking of his bravado (but we can’t understand why he is Doddavaru)

Shiva Rajkumar Looks The Part

cinematographer Mahendra Simha’s frames are interesting, and composer Arjun Janya amps up the background score, but this is no taut thriller, despite the runtime not being too flabby.

For a Film That Is In Quest Of Justice

One wonders how fair is it for Chengappa to indulge in police excess (starving the prisoners and beating them) to get them to give him what he wants.