Ghoomer Review: Earnest, Sincere and Formulaic | Anupama Chopra | Film Companion

Anupama Chopra

This Story is Fiction

The idea of a one-armed bowler is inspired by the Hungarian shooter Karoly Takacs, who was only the third ever athlete with a physical disability to compete in the Olympic Games

The Most Striking Part of Ghoomer

Balki’s staging of Anina’s accident. She’s a rising cricket star and then in one night, her dream is shattered. What happens is horrific and the scenes afterwards capture the anguish and the enormity of the tragedy.

Anina’s alcoholic coach Paddy (Abhishek Bachchan)

Balki gives Paddy a mean edge which is intriguing. Paddy can be awful. He’s abusive and insulting to everyone around him including Rasika, his house help and rakhi sister. 

Ghoomer Brims With Sincerity And Effort

Especially Kher’s work – she has a unique beauty and even when the plot gets fantastical – Anina’s return to the Indian team is remarkably easy – Kher stays convincing. 

The Film is Too Formulaic

The second half especially becomes a slog as we get a long stretch of a cricket match in which, of course, winning finally rests on Anina’s one arm and her Ghoomer.