Gangs of Godavari Movie Review

Team FC

All The Elements of A Crime Movie

An Occasionally compelling, overcooked gangster drama. The elements to make for a compelling crime drama are all in place; the problem, however, is that the writing cannot hold the weight of these elements, far less coalesce them to make something out of them. 


Fights take place on trucks carrying smuggled goods, characters are murdered and their bodies float eerily in the river, and illegal money is used to run election campaigns.

Vishwak Sen is Great

Vishwak Sen is great in scenes where he’s allowed to have fun with the role, but struggles when the film demands that he rise to the pitch of the script’s empty, vacuous, “mass” moments.

Best Performance

Perhaps the best performance in the film comes from Anjali as Ratnamala, Ratnakar’s mistress, staunchest ally, and the keeper of his conscience. When Ratnakar falls in love with another woman, you expect her to react with envy but she doesn’t.

Overcooked and Underwritten

The twists, turns and convolutions get tedious and redundant because they run out of things to reveal—they’re gimmicks played by inconsistent, plot-driven characters.

Unfocused Writing

The writing frequently feels unfocused—interested in creating individual flourishes and manufacturing disconnected “mass” moments—but not in building momentum.