Gandeevadhari Arjuna Review: This Generic Actioner Needed Punchy Writing

Ram Srikar

Gandeevadhari Arjuna Falls In a Rare, Strange Slot

Especially in the context of Telugu films in 2023. It's technically sound, neatly shot and the writing is almost always focused, never opting for detours for the sake of entertainment in the traditional mainstream way.

When Tollywood Apes Hollywood

The film encapsulates many elements that we might find admiring: Cool foreign locations, largely realistic — even if stylised — action sequences, a globally relevant and socially conscious conflict, and a very Hollywood-ish feel.

Is It Enough?

Do We Need a Telugu Film Emulating a Hollywood Actioner? The problem with GA is that it succeeds in replicating the look, but fails to invoke the feel; the rush, fun and the 'wow' factor are nowhere to be found.

For a Film That's About Saving Lives And a Man On The Run

You expect a racy screenplay, and sure, the film does try to keep things happening. There are chases, fights, innocent characters die, bomblasts happen, arms are fired, bones are broken.

We Do Not Really Feel The Tension Or The Mad Rush

It can be attributed to two things. One, we have seen it all. Two, the lack of a strong villain. Vinay Rai's Ranvir is the 8352th caricaturish 'corporate villain' we have seen in Telugu cinema.