Fukrey 3 Review: Pee, Sweat and Tears

Rahul Desai

Fukrey 3

It is, of course, the third installment of the strangely popular movie series about a gang of East-Delhi simpletons who find themselves on bad-comic-book adventures.

At times, I admit I laughed

but that’s more like an insane supervillain-origin-story cackle, like something the Joker would do after getting a smile carved into his face.

Bring Back Dinosaurs

If aliens from outer space were to do a recce of this planet this weekend, Fukrey 3 (and a seat next to the Joker) might be the movie that sends them back with an adverse report on human intelligence and reverse Evolution.

They Don’t Know That They’re In Parody Mode

At some point in a second half that features disinterested faces, the alleged comedy collapses into cheap poverty porn. It’s like the makers suddenly decide to parody social documentaries.

I Was Wrong

I am always wrong. Not in my wildest nightmare could I predict the lunacy of the anti-plot to follow. Also, would crocodile (and critic) tears turn this petrol into premium bio-diesel? If so, bring on Fukrey 4 and make me a reluctant millionaire