From Stand-Up to Script: When Comedians Turned into Writers

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Chacha Vidhayak hai humare By Zakir Khan

Every episode is designed around Ronny's(Zakir Khan) far-fetched solutions to his own self-inflicted problems. His journey is peppered with familiar templates from his special – a pretty girl who friend-zones him, a sarcastic but indulgent father, an emotional mother, a nosy sister, intellectually diminished but loyal best friends, a shady mentor and, a reputation built on airy castles.

Laakhon Mein Ek By Biswa Kalyan Rath

Laakhon Mein Ek is more storytelling than comedy, more voice than words. We get a glimpse into the unforgiving environment that made him the "Biswa Mast Aadmi" we know, much before he might have learned how to laugh at himself. it's all about how the grammar of this phrase changes – from rule to exception – within the soggy confines of an IIT coaching institute.

Pushpavalli By Sumukhi Suresh

Pushpavalli is a series about a woman who shifts from Bhopal to Bangalore to pursue a guy she is Obsessed with. We as viewers know that. However, none of her friends or family know.

Afsos by Anirban Das Gupta

Afsos quite literally, has a killer setup. A man fails at committing suicide so often that he hires an assassin to finish him off. If this wasn't black-comedy enough, the fun begins when he changes his mind and decides to live. The assassin, a woman who thinks she is an artist of death, is dangerously committed to her job. A contract is a contract: that's the hit(wo)man's code.

Aachar & Co by Kanan Gill

Aachar & Co is simple, narrated through the events taking place in a house and its people. It was marketed as a nostalgia trip, and it is that in many ways, but what stands out most is the story of a giggly, entitled Suma (essayed by the director herself) who becomes a woman of reasonable substance.

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