From Marine Drive To Mannat - Life Journey Of Shah Rukh Khan

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The Journey from Delhi to Mumbai

He had no money. He had no godfather. The only thing he had was a spirit that he carried with him and the kindness of strangers. Before coming to Mumbai, Shahrukh Khan used to do small roles at Barry John’s institute in Delhi.

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This is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Way before he became a bonafide superstar, He stood at the Marine Drive, looked into the sea, and he declared “One day I will rule this City.”

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What is ISKRA?

Shahrukh had one thing - Work. Kundan Shah, Aziz Mirza, and Saeed Akhtar Mirza founded a company called Iskra. Kundan Shah who made Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na (1994), had allowed Shahrukh Khan to live in his Bandra office for a short while.

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How He Got His First Work

This friend of Shahrukh made him a star! Actor, Producer, Writer, and one of his first friends in the city - Viveck Vaswani. “I said it is your launch film, it has to be you.” That is where Raju Bann Gaya Gentleman (1992) was born Said Viveck when they were discussing his big break.

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Which One Was His First Movie?

The first mahurat was Dil Aashna Hai (1992), The first film was Raju Bann Gaya Gentleman, First shooting was King Uncle (1993) in Nairobi and the first release was Deewana (1992). So his first film was Raju bann gaya Gentleman.

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He had his eye on a bungalow on Bandstand that used to be given for shoots called "Villa Vienna". In Shahrukh’s film Yess Boss (1997) where Javed Akhtar wrote the manifestation poem for Shahrukh Khan, Called Chand Taare, He passes by the bungalow in that song and Now he lives in it.

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