From Kahaani to Tamasha: Movie Costumes and Their Hidden Meanings

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Vidya Bagchi wears a red and white saree in Kahaani for Durgo Pujo as she sets out to take revenge. The red in the red and white saree worn by her signifies strength and power and also is symbolic of her rage and her quest for vengeance.


The red rope costumes during the dance performance symbolize the burden women are tied to and carry each day, the blood dripping carefully from their bondage.


In the song 'Agar Tum Saath Ho', Ved is dressed in the colors of the brain or colorless whereas Tara is dressed in Red which is the color associated with the heart which also symbolizes the constant tussle between the brain and heart.

Vikram Vedha

Vikram wears black throughout the film whereas Vikram wears white throughout the film except at the end when both are seen wearing grey which symbolizes good, evil, and everything in between.

Get Out

During the party all guests wear spots of red, symbolizing the secret society.

La La Land

During the famous dance sequence, Mia changes her heels and changes into tap shoes to match Sebastian. We don't see her in heels again until she leaves him. Her shoes symbolize sacrifice and devotion to him throughout their relationship.


As Arthur's mental state deteriorates and the abuse he endures escalates, his wardrobe becomes darker.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Rick wears cowboy boots because he wants to feel like a tough guy. Cliff on the other hand wears soft moccasins because he is a tough guy. The shoes symbolize Cliff's dangerous confidence.

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