From Iron Man to WandaVision: 5 Films and Shows that Changed the Game for the Supehero Genre

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Iron Man

From setting the template for Marvel blockbuster movies to incorporating humour as an essential element in Marvel's superhero films, Iron Man did it all.


WandaVision was the first Marvel installment to incorporate the kind of occult magic Marvel comics have built for years and that the Doctor Strange series only hinted at.

The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan's vision of Batman was palpable in a way that the superhero had never felt before. Nolan married pathbreaking artistry to commercial success.

Black Panther

One of Marvel's first successful attempts at representation, Black Panther (and its recent second installment) has time and again changed the rules for how intimate or sorrowful an MCU film can be.


When X-Men was released in 2000, it gave the superhero genre into a decisively realistic treatment, shaping the gritty superhero films that came later.

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