From Fauji To Jawan - Life Journey of King Khan

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Why is He known as King Khan?

Just like thousands of people, he also landed in Mumbai with barely 1500rs in his pocket and no permanent address to go to and now he is ruling like Baadshah.

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Entry of SRK in Bollywood

Shahrukh’s first film was screened in Metro Cinema, Marine Lines. Koi na koi chahhiye was Shahrukh’s entry song in the film Deewana. This was not just Shahrukh’s entry in the movie. It was Shahrukh’s entry as a bonafide superstar in Bollywood.

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His First Break

Deewana made ₹18 crore in 1992. Which is worth ₹140 crores in 2023. Our superstar was already married before his first film and had no roof over his head. In 1991 after Shahrukh got married to Gauri they found a temporary abode in Bandra.

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Role of Director Aziz Mirza in His Life

Mirza offered his own house to the newlyweds. Soon later he had to give that house back. That time director of "Chamatkar", Rejiv Mehra gave him some money so that he could take a small home.

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Strategy For His Films

Now that he is doing films, he had to sign at least 2-3 films, it doesn’t matter how bad the role is, It doesn’t matter how small the role is. What matters is the film is sold. It doesn’t matter if they know you as a bad actor. They have to know you as a sellable actor.

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Shahrukh Khan loves the BMW. Even today, In Mumbai, if you spot a white BMW with the number 555 we know it’s Shahrukh Khan’s personal car.

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