India's First Sports Director Dhruv Panjuani Speaks On Working For 83' And Ghoomer

Anushka Halve

India’s First Sports Director, Dhruv Panjuani 

Dhruv spoke to Film Companion about weaving sports into the storytelling, curating a special team of sportspersons for every film, and the importance of having a dedicated department for sports direction.

What inspired you to combine your passion for sports and filmmaking?

I was very passionate about films and I've been playing sports since I was a little kid. Both of those things are my passions. I was really blessed to work with directors who trusted me and let me run with whatever it is that I wanted to do. 

How You Approach Preparing Actors For Their Roles?

Each project has its own requirements. I was just amazed with how well Saiyami was playing so we had to do everything within our capacity to supplement Saiyami’s performance, to make her performance really stand out.

How Do You Ensure Sport Sequences To Be Visually Engaging

Balki sir wanted to take things to another level. He wanted to capture the way cricket is shot today. Of course, we had to go with the broadcasting style for capturing the shot and we went into the depth of that.

Role Of A Sports Director Evolving In The Indian Film Industry

I think one of the main challenges for me has been just convincing people, or rather, just creating an awareness that this kind of a profession exists.