Fighter Review| Hrithik Roshan | Deepika Padukone

Prathyush Parasuraman

Top Gun Influence

"Fighter" is criticized for echoing "Top Gun" with geopolitical elements, prioritizing chanting camaraderie over character depth and oversimplifying roles within the team.

Blame Dynamics

The film explores icy resentment between Rocky and Patty, questioning the maturity of easily blaming and villainizing someone. It acknowledges Patty's humanity by the end.

Moral Rot in Patriotism

"Fighter" portrays individuals fixated on victory and justifying violence through revenge, depicting a moral rot in its core patriotism, contrasting with the director's previous works.

Body Without Personhood

The film sidelines terrorists without exploring motives, focusing on a retaliatory plot resembling Pulwama 2019. It questions the portrayal of a Muslim character without immediate alignment with pro or anti-India sentiments.

Eros and Sex Appeal

Comparing Roshan's characters in "War" and "Fighter," the review notes overt sensuality in the latter, criticizing monotony and a lack of depth in character portrayal.

Director's Transition and Lack of Realism

From "War" to "Fighter," Siddharth Anand's shift is criticized for a flat, frictionless world with explosions but no realism. The film lacks the depth and nuance seen in "Top Gun."