Fighter Movie Review

Rahul Desai

Top Gun Adaptation

"Fighter" (2024) attempts to emulate Tom Cruise's Top Gun franchise, incorporating pulsating action and hyper-masculinity. However, distractions in action and conflicting narrative elements hinder its success.

Character Dynamics and Plot Shift

Starring Hrithik Roshan as Squadron Leader Patty Pathania, the film introduces interpersonal dynamics but deviates into dramatized territory after a terrorist attack. This shift compromises the film's initial focus.

Geopolitical Representation

While tackling the Balakot airstrike and Indo-Pak dynamics, "Fighter" struggles with inconsistent portrayals of nationless terrorists and the Pakistani people, resulting in a flimsy geopolitical scenario.

Aerial Combat Challenges

Well-choreographed pre-interval aerial combat scenes are marred by chaotic sequences, impacting the overall impact. Off-putting dialogue, especially involving Pakistan, adds to the film's challenges.

Trivialization of IAF and Patriotism

Patty Pathania's character tends to trivialize the Indian Air Force and patriotism, overshadowing geopolitical tensions for a redemption arc that neglects the consequences of his actions.

Critical Assessment

"Fighter" struggles to balance technical bravado with its combative themes, resulting in a compromised viewing experience. The film's blurred line between real events and fiction invites critiques regarding its portrayal of geopolitics and national identity.