Fighter Box Office Collection

Team FC

Day 1 - Rs 22.5 Cr

"Fighter" takes an impressive flight at the box office on its opening day, soaring to Rs 22.5 Cr and setting the stage for a promising run.

Day 2 - Rs 39.5 Cr

The momentum continues to surge as "Fighter" sees a remarkable spike, raking in Rs 39.5 Cr on its second day, showcasing growing audience interest and box office success.

Day 3 - Rs 27.5 Cr

Sustaining its strong performance, "Fighter" maintains its appeal, collecting Rs 27.5 Cr on its third day, further solidifying its position as a box office contender.

Day 4 - Rs 29 Cr

The mid-week sees no dip in "Fighter's" box office prowess as it accumulates Rs 29 Cr on the fourth day, demonstrating consistent viewer engagement and financial success.

Day 5 - Rs 8.00 Cr, According to Sacnilk

"Fighter" maintains a steady stride, earning Rs 8.00 Cr on the fifth day

Fighter Box Office Collection - 126.50 Cr

Fighter Contributing to a cumulative collection of Rs 126.50 Cr according to Sacnilk, marking a noteworthy performance at the box office.