Fight Club Review: Technical Finesse Saves This Action Film From Its Narrative Setbacks

Harshini S V

Set Against The North Madras Backdrop

This nonlinear style of filmmaking helps the story because otherwise, Fight Club might feel like your average tale of revenge with one too many fights. It’s a simple story.

Thala For a Reason

Abbas A Rahmath Takes His Time Building up the excitement for important sequences in Fight Club. Clad in an MS Dhoni yellow jersey, as he walks into a theatre, he gets an intro sequence that belongs to Rajinikanth, quite literally.

This Leaves Much To Be Desired

Because Fight Club is an excellent character study of what vengeance can do to a person. Even the way the revenge game is set up is clever. There is more to this revenge plan than what meets the eye.

The Heroine

We don’t even have to talk about the heroine’s role because the film doesn’t either. But this romance arc does show us a side of Selva that is not football, fight or revenge and also lets cinematographer Leon Britto add some poetry to this raw, revenge saga.

Camera Movements

The slow camera movements and the fast cuts build tension as you’re made to hold your breath to know the aftermath. Britto’s frames are sometimes blurry from all the drugs consumed by its characters.

Predictability And Lack of Logic Do Hamper The Story

But it’s not that the film entirely lacks the emotional connection or that the screenplay is too convoluted. It’s just that Fight Clubneeded more space to breathe in between all those fights.