Famous People Who Deserve Biopics

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Indira Gandhi

It's surprising that India's third Prime Minister, and the only woman to ever hold the office, has not had her eventful life turned into a film yet.

Tenzing Norgay

The Sherpa who conquered the summit of the world is yet to have his tremendous exploits glorified on the big screen.

Rakesh Sharma

Though Mahesh Mathai was once set to direct Shah Rukh Khan in such a biopic, the plan fell through and the first Indian in space is thus yet to be immortalized on celluloid.

JRD Tata

Aviation pioneer, industrial leader, controversial personality, there's nothing about Tata's life that doesn't scream "cinema", and yet there hasn't been a film on the man.

Lt. Indra Lal Roy, DFC

The Calcutta teen was barely an adult when he enrolled in the Royal Flying Corps during the Great War. He became the only Indian ace of the war, and lost his life months before the war ended.

Cornelia Sorabji

Though a divisive figure, Sorabji's life was filled with many noteworthy achievements, chiefly her being the first woman to become an advocate in India at a time when that was anything but the norm.

Sucheta Kripalani

The first woman to be the Chief Minister of a state in Indian history, Kripalani led an accomplished life: for her struggles as a freedom fighter to her adeptness as an administrator, she remains an icon.

The Anands

Chetan, Dev, and Vijay – trailblazers of Hindi cinema in Independent India, were mavericks of the true kind, be it in relation to films or in their personal lives.

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