Everything You Need to Know About ‘The Crown’ Season 6

Team FC

The Crown Needs to Carry a Fiction “Warning”

Oliver Dowden, now the Deputy Prime Minister of Britain, had retorted in the past that, people are to be made aware it is not based in fact. The Crown has always wrung controversy among both fact-checkers as well as apologists of monarchy.

What Happened At The End of Season 5?

Diana gave her infamous interview to BBC’s Martin Bashir, which was obtained from her on duplicitous and shady grounds. The facade of the princely couple’s good partnership is effectively demolished.

At The End of The Last Episode

Mohamed invites Diana to a Mediterranean vacation, where Dodi is likely to join them. In reality, the trip happened a month before Dodi’s and Diana’s car crash in Paris. 

A Two-Part Season

The first part, already available on Netflix, consists of four episodes and focuses on the events up till Diana’s and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed’s car crash in a Paris underpass in 1997.

“Horrendous Experience To Find Yourself In”

Actress Elizabeth Debicki had remarked in an interview that filming the scene was “completely bizarre”. (There are those who firmly contest that the paparazzi was the cause of the accident.)

Behind The Camera

Directors for this season are Alex Gabassi, Christian Schwochow, Eric Richter Strand and May el-Toukhy. Stephen Daldry, one of the executive producers of the series, has directed the series finale.