Everything You Need To Know About Alia Bhatt In Heart Of Stone

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Who Does Alia Bhatt Play?

Heart of Stone sees the actor play a genius Indian hacker. Though positioned as ‘villain’, the film makes accommodations for Bhatt’s youthful looks, explicitly stating that her character is just 22 years old.

Alia Bhatt's Character is Called Keya Dhawan

Keya was orphaned at a young age Adopted by a wealthy businessman who spotted and nurtured her technological prowess. When the film begins, they’ve had a falling out.

In 'Heart' of 'Stone'

Keya is now after The Charter’s heart, outmaneuvering Stone at several points and being outmaneuvered herself as a result of inexperience.

In Heart of Stone, Gal Gadot Plays a Double Agent

She’s Rachel Stone, a shy member of British intelligence MI6 pretending to be unaccustomed to fieldwork, but she’s also secretly a skilled operative working for The Charter in the latest Netflix film releasing this Friday.

What is "The Charter"?

It is a group of agents from all over the world banding together to shun bureaucratic hurdles in favour of saving lives anywhere, anyhow. Each of them is codenamed after a playing card – Stone is also known as the Nine Of Hearts

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