Everything Releasing This Week In Theatres (11th to 17th September)

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A Haunting In Venice ( English)

When: September 15

The third film in the detective thriller franchise, A Haunting In Venice is the latest iteration of director and star Kenneth Branagh’s take on the iconic Hercule Poirot character created by Agatha Christie. 

Mark Antony (Tamil)

When: September 15

When Mark, a skilled mechanic and the son of a former gangster, finds a time-travelling phone, he decides to alter the past to save his estranged mother from a grim fate. Directed by Adhik Ravichandran, the film stars Vishal, SJ Suryah and Ritu Varma.

Smugglers (Korean)

When: September 15

Set in the 70s, the action entertainer follows a small group of smugglers who operate within a sea-facing island. Directed by Seung-Wan Ryu known for Crying Fist (2005) and The Battleship Island (2017), Smugglers stars Kim Hye-Su, Zo In-sung and Yum Jung-Ah.

Kasargold (Malayalam)

When: September 15

This action film set around the business of gold smuggling in Kerala’s Kasaragod is a tale of two youngsters who get embroiled in a risky plan to make huge money by tracking down a missing consignment.

Pratha (Odia)

When: September 15

A street performer tries to unearth the secrets behind a forbidden forest where women are not allowed to trespass in fear of being murdered by a ravaging tiger. The film is directed by K Muralikrishna and stars Swaraj Barik and Sheetal Patro in the lead.

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