Essential Indian Documentaries To Stream Online

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The Elephant Whisperers - Netflix

An Oscar winning documentary that gives us a peek into the lives of those dedicated to protecting and understanding these majestic creatures.

All That Breathes - JioCinema

Oscar nominated documentary explores the symbiotic relationships between humans and the wild while highlighting the delicate balance needed for the survival of our planet.

While We Watched - YouTube

Delve into the compelling exploration of the renowned Prime Time Indian TV journalist Ravish Kumar's work — a thought-provoking unravelling that is a must-watch. This documentary, available on YouTube, promises to ignite numerous conversations.

The Hunt for Veerappan - Netflix

This documentary unfolds the gripping narrative of the relentless pursuit of one of India's most notorious smugglers and poachers. This four-part documentary shows how the STF followed and eventually killed Veerappan.

Cinema Marte Dum Tak - Prime Video

It takes cinephiles on a nostalgic ride, exploring the untold stories behind the making of B-grade Indian films, and celebrating the passion and resilience of those who breathe life into the silver screen.

Indian Predator: Murder in a Courtroom - Netflix

A chilling true crime story, unravelling the mysteries surrounding a courtroom murder in 2004 and the complex web of motives and deceit that led to the shocking event.

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