Enga Ooru Madrasu: The Different Moods of Chennai in Kollywood Romances

Harshini S V

Modern Love Chennai (MLC)

Irrespective of its shortcomings, shines in portraying the city. One of the most beautiful and heart-warming moments centered on the city in this anthology can be found in the opening credits.

Breaking Stereotypes of Places and Food

MLC focused on expanding this representation. Akshay asserts, “The core idea of the anthology was to show the different terrains of Chennai and how people living there approach life and love.”

Chronicling Chennai’s Changing Landscape

Films like Madarasapattinam (2010)show the Chennai of yesteryears when it was actually called Madarasa Pattinam, before it became Madras and then Chennai. The Cooum River, in all its beauty, is the highlight of this film.

Love in The Tourist Destinations of Chennai

Ranganathan Street, also known as T Nagar, A popular tourist spot in Chennai, which is shown in glances in films like Santhosh Subramaniyam (2008), the busy street in Chennai suddenly looks more cramped than ever.

City as a Character: Authenticity, Believability, Reliability

Halitha, Balaji and Akshay see eye to eye as they speak about the importance of a city in a film. While Halitha says it adds a liveliness to the film, Balaji points out that it makes the story authentic and reliable.