Emotions Mr. & Mrs. Mahi Will Definitely Evoke Based on the Trailer

Team FC

Warm and Fuzzy

The sheer excitement when Mr. Mahi (Rajkummar Rao) surprises Mrs. Mahi (Janhvi Kapoor) with a jersey and tickets to a cricket match is just an 'aww' moment, especially given that it looks like it's his first personalised gift to her after they realise they both love cricket.


In what seems like a flashback moment, we see the despair washing over Mr. Mahi after the fielder takes a catch. It's not just a wicket, but the shattering of dreams?


The plea in Mr. Mahi's eyes, courtesy of Rajkummar Rao's incredibly expressive face, especially followed by his dad's (Kumud Mishra) rebuke, is heartbreaking.

Fear We Have All Felt

For anyone who's had to fight with their parents to follow their passion, the moment when Mr. Mahi's dad throws the cricket bat across the room while screaming at him will resonate deeply.


"Main cricket ke liye bani hee nahi hoon" is the line, and to be honest, we get it. Mrs Mahi became a doctor because that was the "right" path to take, but even if cricket is her passion, or Mr Mahi thinks that's her calling, we can empathise with the self-doubt seeping through in this scene.


We see this towards the end of the trailer among a flurry of quick intense moments, and all we can hope is that it's a sign that Mr. and Mrs. Mahi get all that they wish for in this soon-to-release Dharma film.

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