Eagle Movie Review

Ram Venkat Srikar

Eagle’s Aspiration and Structure

Eagle's attempt to stand out with its non-linear structure is both its strength and downfall. While it deviates from typical action films, the structure can feel like a gimmick to cover narrative flaws.

Narration and Storytelling

With multiple narrators, including Nalini unraveling Sahadev's tale, the storytelling lacks cohesion, leading to frustration and a disjointed first half.

Jumbled Chapters

The film presents chapters haphazardly, failing to leverage various perspectives effectively, disrupting the flow and coherence of the narrative.

Rewarding Moments

Despite its flaws, Eagle offers rewarding moments, like the inventive 'Aata - Aadhunika Veta' chapter, providing exhilarating sequences amidst its narrative challenges.

Predictable Romantic Zone

While striving for originality, Eagle ventures into predictable romantic territory in the second half, incorporating guns into the love story but lacking emotional depth.

Emotional Crux and Closure

Despite its shortcomings, Eagle finds closure through its backstory, delivering emotional resonance in the climax. Though reminiscent of other films, it manages to soar at times.