Dunki Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan-Starrer Makes You Nostalgic

Rahul Desai

Meeting Nostalgia with Hirani

Watching a Rajkumar Hirani movie in 2023 feels like a reunion with a beloved childhood professor, but the slow realization dawns that it's the memory, not the filmmaker, that's entertaining.

Dunki's Slow-Burning Disappointment

"Dunki" disappoints as the bridge between fond illusions and reality widens, lacking depth as it prioritizes a formula-driven plot over Dunki-driven commentary on illegal immigration.

Comedy Dynamics in Dunki

Initially familiar with Hirani-isms, Dunki incorporates humor reminiscent of "PK" and Munna Bhai, but the film's lack of depth and trivialized jokes make the Dunki commentary secondary to formulaic storytelling.

Gratuitous SRK-ism in Dunki

Struggling as a Shah Rukh Khan film, Dunki sees an intrusive SRK hero overshadowing the humanitarian Hirani hero, with Hardy lacking individualism and the film seemingly designed around Khan's iconic image.

Emotional Misses in Dunki

Despite attempts at emotional depth, Dunki falls short, especially in scenes where Khan's character, Hardy, cries, lacking the convincing edge and emotional resonance seen in the actor's earlier works.

Hirani's Weakest Film - Dunki

"Dunki" emerges as one of Hirani's weakest films, struggling to balance his signature style while lacking the satirical nuance of his previous works, with the film overshadowed by Khan's superstar persona.